Chrome Bulbs are a MUST have modification for anyone who cares about how their car looks.

Problem: Factory amber colored bulbs give your clear corner lenses and ugly yellow "Egg-Yolk" look.

Instant Cure: Stealth Bulbs are precisely coated, revolutionary chrome turn signal bulbs that are SILVER when off and AMBER when lit. They are the finest quality bulbs on the market. Guaranteed.

Need help figuring out what bulbs you need?


(or consult your owner’s manual for the exact bulb part number you need. )

These unique chrome bulbs eliminate the "egg-yolk" effect from the front, side or rear turn signal lenses of your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle. Stealth Bulbs create a totally flawless and unique look that you and your friends will notice every time you look at your car.

Don't be fooled by cheap knockoffs: Stealth Bulbs competitors are all Chinese knockoffs sprayed on from a fixed angle instead of being uniformly coated by precision coating applicators. The sloppy Chinese coating process, as well as lower quality bulbs and coating materials, create "hot spots" which cause the glass to shatter. If you buy any other chrome bulb on the market you will probably have trouble - trouble you don't need. This simply doesn't happen with our long life, NASA quality, American made Stealth Bulbs. That's why they get the endorsements they do from professionals and consumers alike.

Be sure to check out the Turn Signal Bulb Guide to find out what bulbs you need for your car.